How to increase user engagement into the app.

Skill Yoga is an app for athletes or sport practitioner who want to balance their practice through Yoga.

● 60% of the customers are from the US, 20% UK, 10% Canada + Australia.

●The app covers only some part of Europe. The reason is mainly because the product is available in English only so far, and the market is just a lot bigger in the US/UK.

● 85% of our current customers are male.

● 85% say their yoga level is “beginner” in onboarding.

● 90% of our users have a sports…

How yoga positively affects a tech career

Yoga chitta vritti nirodha

Yes, the one at the top of the picture is me. I don’t want to dwell too much on who I am or what I do, I would risk to bore you. In short, I’ve been a yoga teacher for 8 years now, a practitioner for almost 12. I’m also a Ux designer with a background in Visual Interior Design. Over the years yoga and meditation have helped me a lot to improve my personality, increase my understanding of myself and increase my emotional intelligence. …

Giving value to a company.

For this project I found myself redesigning a design store’s website, which also does light design projects for homes, retail and restaurants.

This company has existed since 1969 and was founded by Giuseppe, an entrepreneurial electrician who, starting from scratch, founded a solid and structured company. From ’69 until today the company has been divided into three sectors: electrical installations, sales of design articles and lighting design. Obviously these three sectors are often interconnected, but they can also be considered separately.
For example, an architect could ask for the project, the installation and the supply of…

My final project.

In this collaboration I worked directly with the Mello Team to deepen the gamification aspects of the app. Mello is a social network for families that helps them to connect with other families in their neighbourhood and support each other.

Anna-Lena Gerber, CEO and founder of Mello says “Mello is an app for parents to support each other in their neighborhoods. For new friendships, alternating childcare and much more”


The aim of Mello is to incentivize the users to engage with the newsfeed on a daily basis by incorporating gamification into the app.

Mello is a place where parents of…

Who am I?

I am an architect specialist in Light Design, at some point of my career i decided to start studying User Design with Ironhack in Berlin. I am also a yoga teacher and a natural medicine student.

Working on the visual part of a project, leaving aside the research part, and dedicating all the work to conceiving a product that could represent our user persona.


We have based our research on brand attitude, in fact when you make a visual choice, you have to understand what you want to communicate. …

To create and to develop from scratch an e-commerce.

I was asked from my client, a Salsa and Bachata teacher to design and develop an online dance academy.

There were a lot of ideas at the beginning, but through research we were able to get valuable information and develop a project that could match with my customer’s wishes.


The second week in Ironhack has passed. It’s impressive to think how in 5 working days my view of the design process has expanded so much.
The task of the week was to add a feature to an existing product.
Each student was asked to think of three features that are currently missing from the major apps in use. After writing the proposals and putting them in a jar, each of us fished them out. Randomly, each student was given the task.
The great thing about this process is that each of us could communicate with the person who had…

The first week of the Ironhack Bootcamp is literally flown super fast.

After these intense days, I would love to share our first workshop, in this amazing safe environment, where every mistake it’s a good point from starting to grow.

The first subject we have treated was User Research, as the philosophy of Ironhack is to learning by doing, we started from the day one to envelop a project. We separated in seven groups, each of them had to solve a Wicked Problem. A W.P. is a problem that is broad, spread and probably unresolvable. Let me give you some…

Who am I?

I am a designer, light design specialist and Ui\Ux student to Ironhack in Berlin. I am also a yoga teacher and holistic medicine student. I sometimes struggle on describing myself with so many things, because it’s easy to look like a confused person, but I have always loved to see the world from many points of view and embrace a wide range of possibilities, visions and knowledge.

Peru, inca ruins

What’s the task?

In this prework task for Ironhack in Berlin, I had to choose a destination from the seven wonders of the new millennium; after that, I had to…

Martina Dalla Valle

A User Experience Designer with people at heart and businnes in mind. Yoga Teacher, forever student.

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